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Expert in website creation, SEO-SEA, Community Management and business solutions

Welcome to the professional realm of Braigue Aziz, where cutting-edge web and application development meets unparalleled expertise in Python, C, and C++. With a profound passion for coding and a commitment to excellence, I offer bespoke solutions tailored to your unique needs. Whether you’re seeking a robust website, a seamless mobile app for Android or iOS, or a sophisticated desktop application, my comprehensive skill set is at your service. Leveraging years of experience and a deep understanding of modern programming languages, I ensure that each project not only meets but exceeds expectations. Partner with me to transform your ideas into reality with precision, creativity, and technical prowess.


Establishing Foundations
  • Founded my freelance web and app development business.
  • Completed certification in Advanced Python Programming.
  • Developed and launched a community-focused website for a local non-profit, enhancing their digital presence.


Expanding Expertise
  • Diversified into mobile app development, focusing on Android and iOS platforms.
  • Attended the International Developers Conference in San Francisco, networking with industry leaders.
  • Successfully delivered a complex e-commerce website for a burgeoning online retailer.


Innovations and Challenges
  • Developed a cross-platform mobile application for a start-up, which received positive user feedback for its user-friendly interface.
  • Completed a professional course in Advanced C++ Programming.
  • Began offering custom software solutions for small to medium-sized enterprises.


Adaptation and Growth
  • Pivoted to remote work models due to global circumstances, enhancing my skills in cloud-based development and collaboration tools.
  • Launched a personal project: a mobile app for productivity enhancement, which gained moderate traction in the app stores.
  • Provided pro bono web development services for local businesses affected by the global situation.


Mastery and Recognition
  • Recognized in a local tech magazine for innovative app development.
  • Developed a proprietary framework for efficient cross-platform application development.
  • Expanded client base internationally, working with clients from Europe and Asia.


Leadership and Expansion
  • Hired and led a small team of developers to manage increasing project demands.
  • Developed and launched a major update for a client’s mobile application, significantly increasing user engagement.
  • Began offering mentorship to young developers, sharing expertise in Python, C, and C++.

My Clients

in some clients sites, you may find my name “Developed by Braigue aziz”, but not all clients allow me to sign it.


What My clients Said

Florida Cleaners J & D Corporation
Florida Cleaners J & D Corporation@floridaCleaners
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Braigue has helped me develop a website for my business which has been so helpful to my business. Apart from helping me develop my business, they are always trying to communicate and make sure I am always satisfied with their work. Jorge Morales has done a fantastic job with us. He is always there for us and guiding us towards success or . Jorge has made such a big impact and I hope to continue our relationship for a very long time.
Andres Navas
Andres Navas@AndresNavas
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Carlos Alberto Kahr Pérez Fuchs
Carlos Alberto Kahr Pérez Fuchs@AlbertoCarlos
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This excellent experience in costumer service ANA explain all Braigue services that they provide to everyone; Concerns has been addressed; Thanks Braigue located in 8240 NW Doral Miami FL Braigue is a five stars business.
Darlyn Caceres
Darlyn Caceres@DarlynCaceres
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Wonderful Person!! We met with our executive and we designed a good Social Media campaign, we have been very happy with their services and I would definitely recommend Jorge and their team for digital marketing. Very patient and he takes time to explain things very well!

Certified Google Professional

Empowering Development with Google Certification – Aziz Braigue

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Certified React Professional

Certified in React and Advanced React by Meta – Aziz Braigue

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