Automotive Monitoring System

Technologies Used: C++, C, Embedded Systems, GPS, and IoT Technologies

Project Duration: 6 months

Description: Developed an advanced automotive monitoring device using C++ and C, designed to provide real-time data on various car metrics. This device, when plugged into cars, efficiently reports data on fuel levels, location, speed, and other critical parameters.

Key Features and Responsibilities:

  • Data Acquisition: Programmed the device to collect real-time data from the car’s onboard diagnostics system (OBD-II) including speed, fuel levels, and engine diagnostics.
  • GPS Integration: Integrated GPS modules for precise vehicle location tracking.
  • Performance Analysis: Implemented algorithms to analyze vehicle performance and efficiency.
  • Wireless Communication: Enabled IoT capabilities for transmitting data wirelessly to a central server or application.
  • User Interface Design: Developed a basic user interface for real-time data visualization and reporting.
  • Data Security: Ensured secure data transmission and compliance with automotive data privacy standards.


  • Successfully deployed the system in 200 vehicles, demonstrating reliable performance and accurate data reporting.
  • Improved vehicle efficiency and safety by providing essential data for proactive maintenance and route optimization.
  • Received commendation for innovative use of technology in automotive monitoring.

Personal Contribution:

  • Led the design and development of the system, from conceptualization to implementation, focusing on robust and efficient code in C++ and C.
  • Coordinated with a team of engineers for hardware integration and software optimization.
  • Conducted rigorous testing to ensure system reliability and accuracy under various driving conditions.

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